Tiger Lily is Bonnie Wasingo's pet cat, and the crush of Christopher (Prince Daring's sphinx cat). She is seen in the Story of Libby spinoff series.

Appearance Edit

Tiger Lily appears to be a yellow cat, and has a red bow and has blue eyes. She also appears to wear fish-shaped earrings, and has red eye-shadow.

Personality Edit

According to the spinoff series, Tiger Lily appears to be very bossy and dislikes Sheen for pulling her tail. She also still appears in some Story of Libby episodes with her owner.

Appearances Edit

Libby into the Book Edit

In the first episode of the Story of Libby series, Libby, Cindy, Sheen, Jimmy, Carl and Goddard used the story gun to zap themselves into the story book to find a present for Cindy's great-great-grandmother's birthday. They also made friends with the main and minor characters of the story book, including Prince Daring and Rapunzel. Bonnie Wasingo, a spoiled and cruel princess, even tried to improve to the guests in the book to improve she is sweet, but her friends are unable to pay attention to her. She even gets help from her pet cat, Tiger Lily, to turn the guests in the story into statues. She briefly turned Cindy, Sheen, Jimmy, Carl and Goddard into stone statues, except Libby, who is the one who is going to defeat Bonnie. She used the rainbow crystal to turn her friends back into normal humans, and even turned Bonnie and her cat into statues forever as punishment.

Carlpunzel Edit

Bonnie even decided to curse Carl's hair and turn it all long, and traps him in the forever tower, so he can be stuck in the tower forever, with the help of Tiger Lily's cat scream. Libby and the others, also Hansel and Gretel, even went to the tower to free Carl, and cut the hair, so he can have normal hair again. Sheen pulls Tiger Lily's tail, making her scream and making Bonnie grew long hair, and traps her in the forever tower.

Cat Love Edit

Prince Daring's cat, Christoper, even gets a crush on Tiger Lily, and starts honeymooning with her at Swan Lake. The love cupid arrow is stuck on her, and even marries Christoper. Goddard and Jimmy later removed the arrow from Tiger Lily, and noticed that she married Christoper. Carl even honeymoons with Rapunzel in the woods like in his daydream, now the cupid arrow is stuck on Rapunzel.

Trivia Edit

  • Her bow resembles Hello Kitty's bow.
  • She only appears in three episodes, and her owner appears in several episodes without her.
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