Planet Sheen: The Movie is a movie of the Planet Sheen TV series that is going to be released on 22 September, 2017, and is fan made. The movie is going to be about Jimmy, Goddard and their friends going to Zeenu to rescue Sheen.

Plot Edit

In the plot, Sheen continues living his new life on Zeenu with his new buddies, and he misses his old friends on Earth a bit. One day, Jimmy and Goddard founds that their spaceship from the lab is gone, and sees a massage written by Sheen, about that he just taken the spaceship without permission a whole week. Jimmy and Goddard even tells Carl, Cindy, Libby and Nick that Sheen has taken his spaceship, and has blasted off to space by mistake. Goddard then already know that Sheen went to Zeenu, and Jimmy and his friends are on a rescue mission to save Sheen from planet Zeenu.

Jimmy, Goddard and their friends worked together to build a huge spaceship for all of their friends to rescue Sheen on planet Zeenu, and even blasted off to space to rescue him. Later, on planet Zeenu, Sheen is still living on Zeenu, and doesn't want to go to Earth again. He even has a sleepover with Doppy, Aseefa and Mr. Nesmith and watched a movie, eat popcorn, and even slept in a tent.

Later, in space, Jimmy and his friends landed on Zeenu, the same thing they did like Sheen in the first episode of the Planet Sheen series. Jimmy and their friends later found out they are already on Zeenu, and all they needed to do is to find Sheen. They later found Sheen in a space bus with Aseefa, Doppy and Mr. Nesmith going shopping at a space mall. The kids even followed the bus, and Sheen and the aliens are now at the mall. Jimmy and his friends even tried searching for Sheen in the mall. Will the gang rescue Sheen from Zeenu to live happily ever after soon?

Characters presented Edit

  • Jimmy Neutron
  • Goddard
  • Cindy
  • Nick
  • Libby
  • Carl
  • Sheen
  • Dorkus
  • Aseefa
  • Doppy
  • Mr. Nesmith

Concept Arts Edit

Coming Soon

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