Is the unseen feautured for Valentine's day in season


The valentine's day prom is arriving at school. Jimmy and his friends were sitting in class when Prinicipal Wiloughby announces on the intercom. Jimmy then comments on how dances are stupid, but Cindy is very anxious to go. She and Libby make plans to buy thier dresses and get their hair and makeup done. "Hmm i wonder who should I ask??" ask Cindy. "Maybe nick, or Neutron hahaha", said Libby jokingly. "shut up Libby!, says Cindy. Jimmy,Carl, and Sheen meet up at Jimmy's lab to discuss who should they go to the dance with. Sheen says that he wants to ask Libby, and Carl wants to go with Britney of Allison. Jimmy tells them that there wasting thier breath wanting to ask, because dances are just humiliating. Sheen then convinces Jimmy to go. But Jimmy only felt like not going, because de could not dance. Soon Jimmy meets up with Betty Quinlan for dance lessons in secret to suprise Cindy. During one of the lessons, Cindy and Libby finds Jimmy and Betty dancing, and thinks that Jimmy is
Cindy and Libby

Cindy crying after seeing Jimmy cheating on her

cheating on her. But when Jimmy tries to explain, Cindy slaps him and runs away crying. With Libby slaping him again, and running after Cindy. But when Libby walks out, she winks at Sheen and sheen's pupils turns to hearts. That next day before the dance, Cindy a and Libby are in Cindy's room and Libby tells her "Girl, you are too good for him". Now lets get you dolled up to rub your prettyness in his face. Then Libby grabs Cindy's hand and takes her to the spa and gets a new makeover. Jimmy and his gang are walking to the dance, and Jimmy is very depressed over losing Cindy. Sheen and Carl try to make him feel better by performing jokes and tricks but they didn't work. Once at the Dance Jimmy is still sad, until Cindy and Libby walk in dressed in beautful gowns. Libby meets sheen at the candy bar for dinner,but sheen is blataly staring at her which creeps her out
Sheen and libby

Libby weirded out by sheen

.Cindy then sees Jimmy, but turns her head and starts dancing with Nick. Libby then walks over to sheen and says "Aww sheen, you look handsome". Then Jimmy walks over to Cindy and Nick and Jimmy says "Cindy I am sorry, I was only with betty to learn dance lessons to suprise you". Cindy saw the sorrow in his eyes and forgave him, Then Jimmy took her hand and they danced the night away. Jimmy then leans for a kiss and the screen fades to black.


The dress Libby seen wearing looks remarkbly similar to Princess Tiana's blue dress. and the fact that she is african american like Princess Tiana makes her resemble he more too.

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