Louis James will appear in season 4 and 5, and will be mainly a backround character however he will have some starring roles in the series. Louis joinned Jimmy's class early on in the year but didn't stand out much so no one really took notice of him. However, after his older brother Perry died Louis started talking to people abit more and became friends with Nick, Sheen, Jimmy and Carl. Louis is the same age as Jimmy, Has shaggy platnuim blonde hair, a scrawny build and Chocolate brown eyes. Louis is voiced by Chris Colfer(one of the stars of Glee).


  • Louis is voiced by Chris Colfer(A singer on glee) and is a very talented singer. He never performed for anyone except Perry, Nick and Jimmy before though due to a servire case of Stage-fright.
  • Louis never broke any bone in his body before befriending Nick. During on the episodes in the 4th season though, as Jimmy is talking to Carl in the backround you can see him and Nick jumping off ramps on their skate-boards. Louis falls and screams "I broke my arm!" this would be the first time he's ever broken anything.
  • During the 5th season Halloween special, Louis is dressed up as Jack From Titanic. Jimmy manages to convince him to go as a zombie though, since "Jack Dawson's not scary...well unless you're a zombie Jack."
  • Even though he's seen skateboarding a few times, Louis isn't good at it.

Episode Appearences

  • Time Travel Trama Part 1/Time Travel Trama Part 2
  • Beauty and The Beasts/Once More With Feeling
  • Who are you again?/Cindy and the curse of the vampires
  • Whatever you do don't scream
  • Myth-Busters/ Inviso-boy
  • Goodbye Retroville? Part one
  • Good Bye Retroville? Part two
  • Good Bye Retroville? Part three
  • The great time race/heading home
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