The Complete List of the Amazing Adventures of Jimmy and Timmy

Season 1

  1. Baby Poof Jimmy and Timmy are turned into Babies By Poof. This is the Pilot.
  2. Miss Dimmsdale 2 Libby and Cindy are the last 2 competitors in The Miss Dimmsdale Contest.
  3. Jimmy Neutron,Chicken Genius Poof gets the Chicken Poofs again and sneezes on Jimmy,Causing him to Transform into a chicken.
  4. NeuTurner Jimmy and Timmy accidentally get morphed together.
  5. Cupid 2.0 Cupid goes on Vacation right before Valentine,s Day Forcing Timmy and Jimmy To Be His Replacement. But They keep making the wrong people fall in love according to Cupid,s list of Love couples. They accidentally Make Cindy and Carl fall in Love with each other and the only way to Drain their love is to shoot them with cupid,s anti love plungers. Can they survive their Dangerous adventure to retrieve the Plungers?
  6. Foopy The Kid Foop is Turned into a Kid by Jimmy.
  7. Split Personality Jimmy Tries to Create a Sibling for Timmy.
  8. Jurassic Park Parody; Brainiac Park Jimmy and Timmy create their own Parody Movie of Jurassic Park where the children (Cosmo and Wanda) Have to escape a Giant Dinosaur (Jimmy).
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