Jimmy Neutron 4 is a action-packed platformer featuring Rabbids as enemies. It takes place after the adventures of jimmy neutron spin-off show planet sheen.

Pictures of worlds in Jimmy Neutron 4Edit

  • the title and Retroville being under attack by Rabbids' ships
  • the title
  • concept drawing of Agony Jails
  • concept drawing of the Escape grounds
  • concept drawing of an underground cavern
  • concept drawing of the Organic swamp
  • concept color art of the Organic Swamp
  • concept drawing of the Lava Factory
  • concept drawing of the Tip Top Mountain
  • concept drawing of Retroland


The first part of the game takes place on planet Zeenu. It starts when the Emperor asks Sheen what kind of creatures are on Earth. When Sheen says the word "rabbits." The Emperor and the Zeenuians go in shock thinking that he said "rabbids." Sheen got confused and tells the Emperor that there are no Rabbids on Earth. Then the Emperor tells Sheen about that the Rabbids used to live on Zeenu years ago and that they used to be kind and gentle creatures, but they somehow became evil and tried to destroy the Emperor and the Zeenuians with advanced technology (like Rabbids' ships and other robots). But when Mr. Nesmith finally finished the rocket, his radio got a distress call from the Rabbids saying that they are going to launch a full scale invasion on Earth... tommorrow! So Sheen and Mr. Nesmith get in the rocket and promising that "we can't lose to an army of crazy out-of-control bunnies." They start the rocket and it didn't work, so Sheen starts to kick the rocket and starts working! They are heading back to Earth to warn everybody.

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