James Issac Neutron is quite the kid genius! Being called "Jimmy Neutron" for his intellect, Jimmy at age 11 already qualifies for college. Jimmy grew up in an abusive household, with his Uncle Marvin. This didn't stop the young dreamer though, for he then discovered the telescope! Nothing, not even his elderly, abusive, alcoholic uncle could extinguish the spark of genius inside him. At the age of 6, he was rescued by child protective services, and at long last reunited with his family. Jimmy lived happily for the next few years.

His next greatest challenge was taking down Don the Diddler, his Uncles best friend who worked in the FBI. He now had a vendetta against Jimmy, and swore to take him down. Unfortunately, he was too powerful to take the present. To defeat him, Jimmy had to travel back to 1960s era Vietnam, when Don was serving there. Jimmy, using his 12th level intellect, managed to trick the Air Force into thinking Don was a Viet Cong soldier, so they bombed him with napalm. After evading capture by the North Vietnamese, Jimmy traveled back to the future.

After many wonderful discoveries such as the microwave, the telescope, and even the iPhone, Jimmy Neutron soon contracted the deadly illness Polio. His Uncle (Being the tool that he is) failed to vaccinate Jimmy at a young age.

Jimmy then died at the age of 14, however his legacy lives on through his inventions.

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