Jimmy Dreams is a collection of shorts featuring James Neutron's dreams.


Only five shorts and one direct-to-DVD short were produced.


  1. Jimmy's Dream (Pilot)
  2. Diving for Science
  3. Timmy Turner Returns!
  4. Not Scientific
  5. Ice Cube Doom

Jimmy's DreamEdit

Aired on Dec. 6, 2002 - Jimmy has a dream about himself at school - but he's not smart anymore!

Diving for ScienceEdit

Aired on Jan. 4, 2003 - Jimmy has a dream about attending a swim class, but the pool is full of science questions that haven't been answered.

Timmy Turner ReturnsEdit

Aired on Feb. 24, 2005 - After a long time of no production, Jimmy Dreams returns with a sequel to the Power Hours.

Not ScientificEdit

Aired on Sep. 13, 2005 - Jimmy dreams that his new teacher teaches him how science is not true and you should believe what you think!

Ice Cube DoomEdit

Aired on Jan. 19, 2007 - Jimmy finds a 15-foot ice cube from the Ice Age, but a caveman is hidden inside!

Sheen DreamsEdit

Did not air; was only featured on a DVD - Sheen dreams of being Jimmy.


James I. NeutronEdit

The title character; has many dreams.

Goddard Q. DogEdit

A robotic dog; Jimmy's pet.

Cindy VortexEdit

Jimmy's rival.

Carlton WheezerEdit

Jimmy's friend.

Sheencan PieEdit

A pecan pie with Sheen's (Jimmy's friend) head.

Sheen EstevezEdit

A cameo character.

Libby E. FolfaxEdit

A cameo character.

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