Summary:Cindy's aunt invites the gang to her wrestaling match but the show is canacelles dud to a ghost. Can Jimmy and the gang solve the mystery? Story:(episode stats with Susie vortex practiceing )Sally:Say Suse what are ya ganna do? Susie:I'm invited my nece and her friends to the fight tonight.(lights go out)Susie:What happen to the lights?(a ghost appears) ghost:I am the wrestaling ghost. Sally:this is bad (they run)(cuts to the gang in their mystery van) Jimmy:Boy it was nice of your aunt to invite us up here Cindy.

Cindy:yeah aunt Susie says the diva fight is amzing.

Carl:can we get some snacks while we're there?


libby:I think what sheen saying is you can get a snack when we get there.

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