Albert Johansson

Date of Birth

October 15, 1991

1st appearance

The Curse of the Werecat

2nd appearance

Body Switched Forever

3rd appearance

Sheen the Love Bug

4th appearance

Ventriloquism Catastrophe

5th appearance

Now You see it, Now You Don't

6th appearance

No More Joking Around

7th appearance

Jackets of Cruelness and Evilness

8th appearance

Carl's Final Stand

Voice Portrayer

Tara Charendoff (Ben Tennyson's voice from Ben 10 on Cartoon Network)

Character DescriptionEdit

Albert Johansson is the new student in Ms. Fowl's classroom...........and he's the same age as Jimmy, Carl, Sheen and the rest of the classmates. He'll 1st appear in season 4 episode 68: The Curse of the Werecat, and also will appear in Body Switched for Life, but later will appear in episode 69: Sheen the Love Bug/Ventriloquism Catastrophe. He is soon to be voiced by Tara Charendoff, who also voiced Ben Tennyson on Ben 10 on Cartoon Network.

Trivia NoticeEdit

  • He likes playing video games and reading comic books............
  • He also likes playing kick ball on the school playground
  • He's allergic to pecans
  • He likes brownie fudge cubes with no pecans in them.......
  • He was 1ce transformed into a werecat by the full moon's curse...........

Episode appearancesEdit

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